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History of Yiwu Market

Third-generation of Yiwu market

April 25, 1985, Magistrate ginger root supplement, the Deputy Mayor Chen Zhengxing to the commodity market, called Trade and Industry Bureau, Trade and Industry is responsible for commodity market and part of the self-employed, to study how to further expand the market to solve the problem. After the meeting, Deputy Magistrate Chen Zhengxing to the second generation should be easy to address new market expansion, plans to occupy 60 acres, warn that the concept of 4000, submitted to the county government's leading group discussion. Discussion, we for the market size, only to build a commodity market and the original farmers market had no objection to the market, but the market takes 60 acres of fertile land to put forward an objection. Held in mid-July five county joint team to absorb industrial, commercial, land management, taxation, planning and urban construction and crowded cities and towns to participate in government leadership, the vision of the new commodity market seminar program. To address the siting of controversial issues, the county party secretary Zhao Zhongguang personally led the participants to the sun near the village of comrades, inspected posterior positions, and finally make a decision: to build new markets, selected sites in the town Road (then called the Ring Road) east of the former road block between the standard factory, there are views do not change just listen. Market expansion leading group led by the deputy head in charge of the entire construction site by the Trade and Industry Bureau and served as commander. Broke ground on the market in December 1985 to mid-September 1986, the use of the railway station of reinforced concrete scaffolding on desktop, an area of 44,000 square meters, warn that 4096, a total investment of 4.40 million basically built a large country markets, can accommodate 3 million people in the pit. Market building after just 10 months. September 26, 1986, the third generation of the market officially opened. State Councilor Chen Junsheng represented, the governor sent the inscription Xue Ju, Executive Vice Governor Chen Zulun made a special trip to participate in attending the opening ceremony, 22 journalists and 43 media organizations the opening ceremony. 

 It was opened in September 1986 the third generation of small commodities in Yiwu market profile photo. Yiwu Small Commodity Market after two third-generation extension to the end of 1990 has become the largest small commodity wholesale market in China. In 1991, the Yiwu market turnover exceeded 10 million. At this time, the status and role of commodity markets began to be more and more people know, many people consciously or unconsciously, Yiwu in the market. However, the process of building in the market, people still have differences in arousal. Both experienced a second, third and fourth generation of market leading Construction Industry Bureau, which recalled: three generations after the presentation of the market expansion program, the community of people who oppose or some, of them some people propose two generation market to build market just opened has the necessary advice; the individual attitudes of people fiercely to this area is fertile ground, to the provincial and central reflected: built such a good field to destroy the market too bad, the market alone can eat rice? On the construction of such a terminal market, Trade and Industry Bureau is also some comrades in the ideological misgivings. According to Vice Mayor Chen Zhengxing memories of three generations of the market building, the original plans for the construction of township services, industrial products exhibition floor, as the district Xiangqi do provide a window for the market, as the lead unit are not enthusiastic, and had to change the city by the affiliated business a co-investment, the building converted into a self-employed, the formation of Wangjianglou repeated several times until the financing has been implemented.