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History of Yiwu Market

The second generation Yiwu market

In contemporary China's economic miracle, has repeatedly occurred in three places "hollow effect." In the eighties of last century, Shenzhen is the largest piece of hollow. SAR preferential policy had a huge temptation to make a large number of domestic funds and talents "Motherhood." Yiwu Small Commodity Market was also the case of a hollow. Dynasty Hall of Yiwu market farm after the opening of the second generation, nearly two thousand stalls quickly laid out, more than a day to come to trade people, including foreigners Liucheng above, the applicant entering an endless stream. Also come to go over the whole market. In Wenzhou Yueqing, there had been a sizeable clothing market, but with the Yiwu Small Commodity Market in the rise of the second generation, business Yiwu farmers have moved to the nest. The reason is simple, regardless of popularity, reputation, information or transportation, local and not good compared to Yiwu Small Commodity Market. Then there was a statistical Wenzhou cadres did and found that the early 80s of last century in the commodity business in Wenzhou, the self-employed, then there is more than half went to Yiwu. 

 This is the end of 1984, the second generation of the opening of the Yiwu Small Commodity Market profile photo. In 1986, the Yiwu market turnover exceeded 1 billion yuan, radiation range extends from the surrounding counties and cities outside the province. "Hollow effect" of the formation, development of the market completely out of people's expectations. The second generation has just opened near the market soon and it looks too small. In early 1985, the business sector had to prepare land use 300 temporary stalls set up booths to ease the contradiction between supply and demand, and then again in part of the land plus shared between two rows of scaffolding. End of 1985, bringing the total second-generation market stalls 2847, the tax for the previous three years were 8.1 times, 3.4 times, 2.0 times ... ... Re-expansion of the market has been almost certain.