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History of Yiwu Market

The first generation of Yiwu market

Yiwu Small Commodity Market originated in the late 60s of last century Niansanli. Around the Spring Festival in 1974, the county dense urban counties also the rise of the commodity market St. In special years, banned in the higher level, banned, and semi-legitimate "knock sugar for feathers," they need to market the existing conflicts among the two basket selling, wholesale and retail markets quietly seasonal breeding. March 26, 1982 morning to rectify the problem of crowded city market, the county government to reconvene chaired by a deputy magistrate's office. Ye Ronggui was Deputy Secretary for Commerce and Industry, Trade and Industry director Julien Chengyang Prince, also attended the meeting. This is the Yiwu Small Commodity market opening on the eve of the famous "second county office meeting." According to a deputy governor of the proposal, meeting first with the crowded city market solution to rectify the pig market, bull market manipulation issues. Then the problem of small articles of daily market were studied. At that time, policy lags behind, sensitive and involves all aspects of the open discussion of ideas to last a whole morning. Farmers in business, the farmers into the city, the wholesale purchase and sale, free markets and other sensitive issues, you have a word, I just made again after the initiation of. Other issues have to be studied on six afternoons. Market consolidation, meeting to form preliminary views: as the overall management of small articles of daily market, one full registration; second (issued) temporary license; third is to establish organizations; Fourth, Jian Zhang themselves, the turnover tax levied; Fifth established by the Trade and Industry Bureau, Trade and Industry, taxation of the town Patriotic Health Campaign Committee, police station, the concrete implementation of the composition of the Provisional Institutions of market consolidation. The meeting even the overhaul of the market have made specific arrangements for mobilization. 

 This is the September 1982 opening of the first generation of small commodities in Yiwu market profile photo. In 1984, the market's turnover amounted to 23.21 million yuan, Yiwu commodities are sold to the surrounding counties. Great victory for the party's second meeting, like in spring this small articles of daily open market of individual traders staff smiling faces, a cadre of industrial and commercial city of Shenyang by learning that the backing of the Party Central Committee, Wu Qing doors market should be allowed to exist and develop ... ... XII during their direct and Industry Bureau in the county leadership and coordination with relevant departments ... ... issued on the strengthening of small articles of daily management of the number one market notices from loudspeakers mounted vigorous repeated publicity, the business scope of small articles of daily market is the state of the three types of commodities and household sideline products. Meanwhile, eligible persons are issued business license business. Operating range of goods by fifteen teams were prepared after the rectification of the lake ... ... the door small articles of daily market clearing, orderly, a different place. " After being officially recognized by the market, the pace of development beyond anyone's expectations. Then there was the construction of the second generation of the market.