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Yiwu MeiHu exhibition center

Yiwu MeiHu exhibition center

China Commodity City Exhibition Center by the China Commodity City Group Co., Ltd. invested 150 million yuan building is made of 70,000 square meters, construction area of ​​46,500 square meters, set domestic and international exhibitions, conferences, intelligent network, catering facilities and other function as a whole. Is a unit of China Exhibition Hall Association, Vice President Commercial Alliance exhibition unit, International Exhibition Union (UFI) member, was named 2003 Rookie of China's exhibition industry's top ten companies, 2005 20 China's exhibition venues.

Binwang Convention Center Boulevard west, east Jiangdong Dong Road, north sports center, with four million people in the north stadium echoed around the star everywhere, from the railway station 5 km away from Yiwu airport 10 kilometers, traffic convenient .

The main exhibition hall and convention center points east and west two exhibition halls, north annex building for the service, meetings, office space, contact the district is clear and easy to fully consider the use of the division, can ensure that different exhibitions simultaneously, and each non-interference. Modeling aspects of the building, reflecting the characteristics of large-span space, three sections of the curve elegant curved roof buildings increase the level of stretch a sense, the entire image of the light, graceful, undulating, and harmony, like artful eagle, magnificent .

Function in the exhibition hall, take full account of the people, materials, set smooth flow of information. Exhibits can go directly to the various exhibition vehicle, reasonable layout of the entrance and eight escalators can be convenient shuttle visitors from all; Hall entered the era of intelligent network now, widely used in broadband transmission wiring the whole hall, each Booth can be connected to the Internet and 1DD,, so that guests can easily exposure to e-commerce environment, between the world concentrated on the screen.

China Commodity City Exhibition Center will work to further promote China's exhibition industry to the prosperity and development, domestic and international circulation of commodities and economic and technical exchange opportunities and full of charm a whole new side of the stage.