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The Only Agent in China Providing 100% Guarantee!
Our main business located in Yiwu and Guangzhou ,besides We can source all over China. We provide an ONE-STOP Service for all you buy in Any Cityof China via local suppliers, manufacturers & distributors factories.
Our ONE-STOP service includes all the following featured services. You can also have Free translating,Strictinspection,Warehousing,Fast shipping .
All of our job is to make buying from China much Easier & Safer.
To have the insurance for your business in China? We ensure your business in China!
Choose Us! We are the Best Agent!

Our Service List

Free Sourcing  

We are a highly experienced team of dedicated Management & Staff with a vast network of +5000 product lines. We can negotiate the best deal for you.More...

Translation & Buying  

Translate & Guide service to the wholesale market or factories. Distribute payments to different suppliers. Control the risks of the purchase instead of you! More...

Inspection & Quality Control  

We can be your Eyes in China! We have Pre-production Inspection. On-Production Inspection. And Pre-Shipment Inspection to make sure the orders Quantity. Quality .Packing. Delivery as you required! More...

Warehousing & Re-Packing  

Consolidate the goods from different suppliers in our warehouse! Providing customized packing such as the inner box. LabelMore...

Documents & Shipping  

Ejet Group offers you competitive shipping & freight quotations due to extensive network and provides you all the necessary documents. More...

Travelling Arrangement  

We can assist with All travel arrangements as well as assisting with your Chinese Invitation which all first time buyers & visitors must possessMore...

Financial Support  

LC. T.T, DP Etc. Providing Financial support to you if necessary to help you expand the business in ChinaMore...

Success story

wesley I would say that without JASON / EJET I would not have the business I currently have due to their level of professionalism & commitment to providing excellent service at all times.

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