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Question List

Why you need an agent in China?  

In most of people opinion. They wouldn’t like to trade with agent. They thought Agent will screwed the things up. Why not use the supplier directly!More...

Why Choose us?  

We are the single bridge between you and Chinese suppliers so you can enjoy lower sourcing cost and product prices directly from our suppliers.More...

How We work  

We can provide all the service you need to export from China. Such as sourcing,guiding,translating,buying,quality inspect,documents prepare,declaring shipping etc service. Our busines scope is not only limited in Yiwu City ,More...

How we charge for our service?  

Commission rate from 3-5% for all the Service on the Total Order Value. Min Charges 300$. The commission rate is depend on the total Order Value & Payment terms. Translate & Guide fees. 200 RMB/Day. This fees will be deduct from our commission when the order is placed. More...

How we Create Value for you?  

The Only Reason We Can Survial Is That We Are Creating Values For Our Customers! More Than What You Paid To Us!More...

What we Guarantee?  

We Guarantee that your payment to us will be 100% safety. If there any money left in our account. The rest money will keep for your next orders or send back the money to you immediately!More...

Success story

wesley I would say that without JASON / EJET I would not have the business I currently have due to their level of professionalism & commitment to providing excellent service at all times.

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