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Inspection & Quality Control


Inspection & Quality Control

Your Eyes in China!
Experienced & Professional Quality Control Team

Pre-Production Inspection, Audit the suppliers to guarantee it's not a scammer and has enough capacity to take the orders.

On-Porduction Inspection,  Follow up the orders to make sure it's delivery on time. And keep update to our customer if there are any changes. Control the problems before happened

Pre-Shipment Inspection, Inspect the Quality, Quantity, Packing and all the Other issues to according your requirement before delivery.  If there any difference. We will let you make decision

You can also have the Inspection Service separately Instead of Paying Commission. The cost will be 100$/Day+Traval Cost.

Success story

wesley I would say that without JASON / EJET I would not have the business I currently have due to their level of professionalism & commitment to providing excellent service at all times.