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How we charge for our service?


How we charge for our service?

One Stop Service Charges
We charge reasonable commission rate, which is  between 3% and 5%  for all the Service based on the Total Order Value & Payment terms. Our Minimum charge is 300$.

Translation & Guiding fees: 200 RMB per Day.
The fees are offset from the invoice when order is confirmed.

Transport Service Charges

Airport Pickup Service
Hangzhou Airport to Yiwu : 350 RMB/Trip. 
Shanghai Airport to Yiwu : 800 RMB/Trip
Yiwu Airport & Railway Station to hotel: Free

Individual Inspection Charges

Providing individual Inspection instead of commission. 100$/Day+Traval Cost. Depends on distance & time required

Special Offer

We can negotiate SPECIAL TERMS if your total order value exceeds USD1 MILLION Per Year

The lower commission rate would be 1-2%.

If there are any questions about the charges.  Please don’t hesitate to Contact us.

Success story

wesley I would say that without JASON / EJET I would not have the business I currently have due to their level of professionalism & commitment to providing excellent service at all times.