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2011 fourth yiwu Labour protection and safety protective equipment fair

2011 fourth yiwu Labour protection and safety protective equipment fair

2011 the fourth session of the Yiwu labor and safety supplies Trade Fair

 the previous review

December 9, 2009 - 11 day in Zhejiang Yiwu successfully held the " 2009 Yiwu labor supplies Trade Fair", 3 days and attracted a total of 13072 persons / times, among them, the foreign 663; domestic professional buyers, dealers in 7567, from Hongkong, Taiwan, Beijing , Shanghai , Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and so on more than 20 cities and regions of the 187 enterprises to participate in the fair, 236 booths, the exhibition area of nearly 7000 square meters, South Korea Sith Baer, Asia, Shanghai , new Ningbo , Begonia into high density region, Taizhou starling, Taizhou Jian Shi, Ningbo gourde, Zhejiang Haichuan, rich international, Jiangsu Li Yang, Xiamen and many other well-known domestic and foreign brands of have the aid of this Yiwu international trade platform came to set up exhibition. 3 days on-site turnover about 36000000, intent contract more than 7000, 80% of the enterprises to achieve the desired results, show the end of the day, there are more than 60 enterprises ahead of the scheduled 2010 booth. " To strengthen economic and trade cooperation, expanding the international market" is the purpose of this meeting, the organizing committee, invite you to participate in.

 the charm of Yiwu foreign trader gathers

Yiwu, World Trade Center, brought together more than 4000 domestic and foreign well-known enterprises have set up the total distribution, general agent, resident foreign procurement of more than 12000, the United States, Germany, Korea, Japan, France, Brazil, the Middle East more than 100 countries and areas of the company has set up branches in Yiwu, Japan export standard container in 2500, exports to 212 countries and regions, more than 700 foreign procurement center in Yiwu, Yiwu foreign trade company more than 2000, the global top 20 shipping group has 8 offices in Yiwu, the overseas merchants in Yiwu to open the bank account is more than 9000. The trade flow exceeds 200000 person-time, constitute a large group of buyers, now Yiwu, to attract foreign "strong magnetic field". " Who first discovered Yiwu, who seize the opportunities".

 show advantages

By participating in this fair, where you can meet domestic various high-end user, as well as from the provinces of regional agency

Manufacturers, distributors, partners and other. A comprehensive understanding of the latest domestic market demand.

The large, professional, efficient customer base: from the national industry professional audience, many users, the procurement staff, government officers, from the dealers, agents at the fair will live with your full contact, for enterprises to promote their products to create the most direct and effective way to.

To make full use of this Yiwu to the global window trade platform, and as many as 12000 resident outside Yiwu merchants, will be at the show with your full contact, enhance information exchanges and economic and trade cooperation, is your product into the world, occupied the global market.

A make your product into the world of the window; a let your products into the international market through train

Grasp the business opportunities, should choose to Yiwu; Yiwu, is integrated into the international market


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