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Yiwu underwear trade industry association established

Yiwu underwear trade industry association established

Yiwu Underwear Trade Industry Association held the inaugural meeting of the Municipal Committee, vice mayor Zhao Guorong to be congratulated.

Yiwu underwear trade industry after more than 10 years of development, has become one of the most advantageous industry in Yiwu. 2008, scattered in the shops of Yiwu throughout underwear industry to adjust the layout of the market sector, all moved to the International Trade City in four districts to gather the business to become the nation's largest underwear a wholesale trade and the world's largest underwear trade transit point. The Yiwu underwear trade industry has been out of the the Yiwu traditional clothing areas, relatively independent of the emerging global industry.

It is understood that the the Yiwu underwear trade industry associations will be the formation of the establishment of member shareholders of the investment management company or mutual aid foundations and other entities to help enterprises solve the problem of financing.

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