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Yiwu Small Commodity Market chain carrier has begun to take shape

Yiwu Small Commodity Market chain carrier has begun to take shape

May 15, China Commodity City Group Headquarters was informed that the To date, a home market of Yiwu international trade city Commodity chain and distribution network has taken shape. In recent years, the extroversion of the Yiwu Market has remained above 65%, far higher than the national average of 46%. However, under the prosperity of the export trade, there are worries, once the international market uncertainty increased, the main players in the market will inevitably be affected. As a result, further adjustments to the trade structure has become an inevitable choice for the Yiwu Market , enhanced ability to resist risks.

In 2007, the Mall Group Distribution Co., Ltd. of Yiwu China Commodity City, relying on the resource advantages of Yiwu Market commodity procurement complementary advantages of Yiwu China Commodity City "brand promotion to join the market mode of cooperation to help businesses seize the domestic market.

"This model can be realized Yiwu home market and join the market two-way win-win situation." The distribution company to join the person in charge of the Development Department, to join the market will allow to open up a specialized region, the establishment of the center of Yiwu commodities in kind and virtual exhibition platform. The so-called virtual exhibition platform is a special link to "China Commodity City procurement and distribution network" computer or touch screen devices. In this way, the business family "adequate out of the city" can be purchasing high quality and low price, Yiwu commodities.

Yiwu home market and join the market for two-way win-win

Yiwu distribution company is doing fine, "the source of goods," the advantages of commodities, characteristics of goods. "

It is reported that the distribution companies doing fine, "the source of goods," the advantages of commodities "," Featured Products "article, to explore the formation of a team of high-quality suppliers. Joining the Yiwu market, the procurement of goods, distribution companies to market business households in accordance with the procurement requirements to recommend high-quality suppliers, and help to effectively reduce the cost of integrated procurement, control operational risks. More than four years, 18 professional market has been from Heilongjiang, Guangdong, Jilin, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Jiangsu, Hubei, Anhui, Shanxi, Chongqing and other places one after another joined the distribution company.

Expand to join the market, distribution companies to help Yiwu merchants better "going out", "Please come. 2009, "organized by the company, Yiwu Market Around the World" started. So far the activities have been successfully held in about 20 to guide a large number of markets outside the province of Yiwu merchants docking.

Each year, the company will bulk invited to join the market traders to carry out procurement activities in Yiwu, the size of the purchasing groups ranging from forty to fifty people, as many as 200 people. Last year alone, such activities realized a total transaction volume of more than 8000 million, and thus the formation of associated orders is much higher than this figure. At present, this model still further improve the distribution company is focusing on creating more high-quality local suppliers team to promote the Yiwu commodities into the domestic market.

Last year, the "Yiwu pilot" is approved, its contents including exploring the establishment of a "market purchase" new trade, innovation and institutional mechanisms for trade facilitation. Now the increase in international trade uncertainties Distribution Co., Ltd. of Yiwu China Commodity City to join and actively explore the market mode of cooperation, increase to help Yiwu Market , the "pilot" is a useful attempt.

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