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Museum of imported goods travel shopping festival notice

Museum of imported goods travel shopping festival notice

Yiwu international trade city company imports Hall office will be closed from May 23 - Travel Shopping Festival held on the 26th, the main activities are as follows:

Travel Shopping Festival opening ceremony held on 1,5 month at 9:30 on the 23rd, after the opening ceremony, wine tasting activities, when the length of two hours, and hire a professional saxophone or violin actor to play add to the fun the whole process of tasting.

2,5 24 May - 26 exotic wind plot, theme activities, to build a pergola in the Market Square every day at noon from 11:00 to Korea, Japan, Italy, Thailand, France, Taiwan and other countries and regions gourmet cooking shows and tasting events, wine tasting activities (tasting activities located in the market), Tasting the site layout to extend last year's wine tasting style, reflecting the elegant, romantic atmosphere. And every day to a subject-oriented, wine auction, wine and cultural presentations and product characteristics introduced other activities.

3,5 months at 9:30 on the 25th, held the fourth Commodity City Culture and Arts Festival opening ceremony, and African dance, taekwondo, imported goods auction and other fun performances.

April and May 23 - 26, four days time imported goods Museum purchase of $ 500, you can participate in the sweepstakes. Set of prizes: Grand Prize an award worth $ 5,000 prize; first prize for an award worth $ 3000 a prize; two second prize award worth $ 2000 prize; third prize three incentive value of $ 1,000 prize; 200 Memorial Award, the reward of $ 50 worth of prize.

Imported goods Hall of Yiwu international trade city Yiwu China Commodity City Information Technology Co., Ltd. sincerely welcome dealers across the country, the majority of consumers and market dealers come to the Museum of imported goods in the tourist shopping festival, I believe the wonderful song and dance performances, lottery links, fine exotic cuisine can not only catch your eye, your taste buds, but also can bring you unlimited business opportunities.

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