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Jinhua Import & Export up in Yiwu

Jinhua Import & Export up in Yiwu

Jinhua Customs has announced this year, from 1 to 4 of the import and export data (see table above), 1 April 2012, Jinhua City, import and export value of $ 5.05 billion, higher than the provincial and national average growth rate of 9.7 and 6.8percentage points.

Relevant responsible person said that the contribution of private enterprises in this transcript, private enterprises are still the main force in the foreign trade of Jinhua.

This year, the complicated and volatile international situation of foreign trade, Jinhua Customs introduced a number of measures to support steady economic growth of local foreign trade, for example, the establishment of the the Jinhua characteristics of industries and enterprises green clearance window; "pick-reported aspects of the implementation of customs clearance of imported equipment customs clearance and other measures.

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