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International capital goods market multi-pronged steady swing

International capital goods market multi-pronged steady swing

"Red" May is full of vigor and vitality in the international production of raw-owned market site, showing one of the busy scene.

Yiwu International production market, as one of the "key" promote the comprehensive reform pilot of Yiwu International Trade, has touched the hearts of the government and the people, every step of the progress of the project people's attention and miss.

Platform engineering ": working together hand in hand

International production market is to start again the driving force in Yiwu, Yiwu to seize this excellent opportunity of a "Yiwu pilot" successful "ignition", Yiwu embarked on a new starting point milestone.

This is a big project, the project as a whole block planning area of ​​12.98 square kilometers, 10-year construction period. Among them, a project including a market, the international e-commerce city and the massive data processing area, planning area of ​​2.86 square kilometers, 2.8 million square meters on the ground floor, underground construction of 1.4 million square meters, total investment of 12.5 billion yuan.

Increasingly complex domestic and international economic situation, the Yiwu market should continue to move forward, we must seize every opportunity to promote the continued prosperity of the market. A year ago, is the city party committee and government of this strong sense of crisis and sense of mission and responsibility in the important nodes of development in the transformation and upgrading, made a major strategic decisions.

Market sources said that the important project as the implementation of the provincial government to a large platform, big industry, big projects, big business "building strategies as a carrier to take off again Yiwu Market , Yiwu international goods market from the outset, the combination of huge work together, whether it is to understand the concepts, or measures to step up and down around the resonance, support and response.

In the operation of the new market building, opened at the beginning of the prelude is placed in a new multi-dimensional position, based on a high starting point plan, the construction of a high standard. The idea is very clear, simple copy of the new market is not a commodity market and extension, but of the world's industrial development theory was once a high level of innovation and upgrading.

"A stage":

The end of the main project is expected to top end

Works great, the basis of the work involved, and this time we work together, solid long step by step. "Speaking of the progress of construction of Yiwu International Trade Service Industry Cluster Zone Construction, Planning and Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director of Bao Jianfeng said to in planning this one, have made great progress. For example, he said, controlling detailed planning of the international production market and the recent construction of blocks of urban design program has completed the preparation and approval; communities, flood control, remediation has been completed the planning and demonstration; underground space use special planning has been completed, and reported municipal government for approval, the recent completion of approval; April 28, the recent construction of block utilization of underground space control regulations prepared to discuss, in May to complete the preparation and argument, control regulations approval for the results in June.

Supporting municipal construction projects, the same progress in an orderly manner: plans to invest $ 450 million to create a road, the Four Seasons Road, main road works have been completed each stage of the project pre project planning demonstrated by the construction design, 5 month to complete the design, completion of the tender in August, started construction in September. Such as to create a road east of the project, Yangcun Creek project, to create a Road (West Point Road to the Four Seasons Road), Shinco Road works are in steady progress.

It is understood that a building is divided into three stages, the international production market. At present, the one-phase project has been completed the switch to agricultural land use and the smooth transfer listed, the project has completed the tendering agency and supervision of the tender invitation, the pit of earth and stone works have been completed excavation of 105 Articles, accounting for 75% of the entire excavation. The installation of the infrastructure of power supply facilities have been basically completed. The project is expected to be at full capacity in July, the main project at the end of the top end, October 1, 2013 phase of engineering put into use; two stage project is the design of the building program, and strive to solve the land problem in the second half of the year and start construction; three-phase project was completed in 2012 preliminary work to prepare for the next construction.

Start along with the "Yiwu pilot" international goods market, is a solid pace, in the wisdom and sweat of countless builders, fast forward.

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