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2017 Yiwu Fair Dubai Exhibition formally launched

2017 Yiwu Fair Dubai Exhibition formally launched

May 30, China Commodity City Group Headquarters was informed to carry out the Fair exhibition in Dubai in the Dubai International Exhibition Centre on May 29, The Dubai exhibition, a total of 50 international standard booths, more than 40 exhibitors. Exhibits related to daily necessities, craft gifts, jewelry, accessories, knitting, metal, etc. Yiwu advantage industry. Exhibition area will also set up 18 square meters, work desk, when accompanying staff do a good job Yiwu exhibitors services, will be distributed to the international merchants, Yiwu City , marketing, promotional materials of the exhibition Trinity, and vigorously promote the Yiwu image and promotion of the Yiwu Market .

Learned According to the China Commodity City, Yiwu Fair Dubai Exhibition is a move to stabilize and expand the international market. Fair moved to Dubai, is an important platform for Yiwu municipal government enterprise set up to emerging markets, looking for opportunities. The whole show Yiwu City , the market and Yiwu brand show in the living environment of the meaning of Arab traders.

Good sessions of the Dubai Exhibition of a company executives told reporters, it is to participate in the good results achieved by the exhibition, which makes them continue to enroll in the exhibition, after all, the Middle East is a big market, where they look forward to bringing a variety of crafts find some new customers. Similarly, another Japanese company is also registered for the exhibition of a large company staff also hope that the trip to the Middle East to be able to harvest full, he said, Dubai is an international trade, transit stations, and there many days goods can radiate to the Middle East, and even farther.

The exhibition will last three days, the exhibition goods related to kitchen and household items, glass and tableware, home accessories and home textiles, gifts and gifts, stationery and paper products, handicrafts and jewelry, and similar to last year's fair.


2012 Yiwu Fair Dubai Exhibition formally launched


Fair Dubai Exhibition is a move to stabilize and expand the international market

Information: In June 2009, the first session of the Yiwu International Commodities Fair at the Dubai International Exhibition Center held a grand and organized by the Global Sources China Commodity Export Fair earlier, the exhibition was a great success, and the exhibition will be held annually. May 2012 4th Yiwu Fair Dubai Exhibition will be held the end of May, and again to build a platform for enterprises to develop the Middle East market. From the corporate site feedback, electrical and electronic industry, leisure goods, handicrafts enterprises reflect the effect better. The basis of written feedback statistics, 60 percent of enterprises will continue to participate in the show, 22 percent of the companies need to consider under the circumstances, while 18% said they did not participate. Dubai, because of its important geographical location, trade atmosphere, as well as its luxury business and shopping environment has become the most important commercial hub in the Middle East market continues to attract buyers from around the world, suppliers gathered in one place, but also open up for you The Middle East market offers excellent market environment. United Arab Emirates by seven of the Grand Duchy of gross domestic product (GDP) reached $ 67.7 billion. Dubai is the richest of the Grand Duchy of GDP to reach $ 30.1 billion. Dubai is known as "the Middle East, Hong Kong's reputation, leading to 40 countries, 1.5 billion consumer portal of the population. Located in a strategic fortress, making it the top foreign trade hub. It is also leading to a huge import market of the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Russian Federation, the Indian subcontinent and North Africa portal. Dubai and Hong Kong have many similarities. The two cities are important trading hub, has an international port and world-class infrastructure. In addition, the absence of exchange controls, quotas and trade barriers, and Dubai for product exporters is undoubtedly a convenient and profitable place. With a strong consumer purchasing power and high population growth, coupled with the widespread use of the latest technology in the Middle East became one of the fastest growing global electronics market. For the past five years, mainland China has the largest import trading partner in Dubai. 2005, Dubai imports from mainland China is three times that of 2001, will continue to maintain the growth momentum.