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Two days before the transaction volume of 1.582 billion yuan

Two days before the transaction volume of 1.582 billion yuan

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter from the 4th China International Tourism Commodities Fair summary of the briefing was informed that the organization of the exposition degree of active trading, the results are remarkable in many aspects of a new level. Two days before the show transaction volume of 1.582 billion yuan, participants professional customers in an increase of 18.6 percent over last year.

At the meeting, the Secretary-General of the China Tourism Association Jiangqi Kang informed that this year's Travel Fair attracted 1312 exhibitors from 25 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, including 36 countries and regions, exhibitors include travel and equipment products, hotel supplies , outdoor leisure products, travel souvenirs, tourism, food and jewelery, luxury six industry.

According to reports, this exhibition many ways compared with the first three may be raised. First, show the degree of market significantly improve the data show that this year's Travel Fair 1387 by the number of market-oriented breeze booth, accounting for 66.1% of the total, an increase of 14.1 percent over the previous. The second is to show to lead to further enhanced. The exhibition has a distinctive tourism product features and the rich connotation of Tourism and Culture, reflects the "new products, new technology, the new format features, leading the new trend in tourism product development, production and consumption. Exhibition trade effect is more obvious. The exhibition exhibitors, the majority of tourism products, travel goods manufacturer, more than 85% of booth booth for the trading of goods in favor of traders and manufacturers to directly negotiate and implement source procurement to reduce the intermediate links, so that exhibitors and buyers get more affordable, thereby effectively increasing the turnover rate. Fourth, the international exhibition features more obvious. It is understood that the buyers of this exhibition from the United States, India, Sudan, Pakistan, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Iran, Taiwan, more than 90 countries and regions, the top 10 developed countries and regions accounted for 40%; Total Egypt , in 36 countries and regions including South Africa, Thailand, Hungary, Israel and 84 foreign exhibitors, 6.6% of the total number of booths; In addition, seven countries, including Burundi, Israel, Serbia, the United States, Germany, South Korea, Japan, 20 Consulate officials and business representatives to participate in the exhibition.

National Tourism Administration, Tourism Bureau of Zhejiang Province and city leaders Zhang Shumin, Xu Peng, Ge GQ, Shao Guolong, etc. attended the meeting.