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The 4th China International Travel Fair opened on the 24th in Yiwu

The 4th China International Travel Fair opened on the 24th in Yiwu

Press conference held this afternoon, the Fourth China International Tourism Fair
LONDON reporter, Yuan Songlu, reported on May 23: The four-day Fourth China International Tourism Commodities Fair will be opened tomorrow in Yiwu International Expo Centre. This exhibition is "to lead the Tour Fashion, share the quality of leisure theme, a prominent low-carbon, environmentally friendly, highlighting the new technology, new product content.


The exotic charm move the audience


The exhibition playing the "international card" high, full international exhibition exotic, Expo 36, Egypt, South Africa, Thailand, Hungary, Israel, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, France, Chile, Spain, Germany, Austria and China Taiwan etc. 84 countries and regions overseas exhibitors, 135 booths, 6.6 percent of the total number of booths. Exhibiting each item is unique, both taste and is full of cultural information.


The wisdom Tourism exciting


The exhibition will be dedicated to a "wisdom of the Travel Technology Show" exhibition at the Museum of the theme, a total of 22 high-tech and Internet? Exhibiting companies, including Alibaba Group, China Unicom and other large companies, showcasing the tourism e-commerce platform, navigation shopping guide video conferencing system. When the exhibitors and visitors at the scene to personally experience to the visitor identification system, travel online, scenic 3D promotional Any such as the wisdom of travel technology advanced and convenient.


The Travel Expo exhibitors include five aspects of the travel and equipment, hotel supplies, outdoor leisure products, jewelery and luxury goods, travel souvenirs and so on. During the exhibition, will be held 2012 China tourism product competition, Shopping and Tourism Festival, Food Festival, Oktoberfest, a series of activities. Four-day trip the first day of the Fair, professional visitors days, not open to the general public, after three days, the public can Admission.