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Dress a new main exhibition hall of the Travel yiwu Fair

Dress a new main exhibition hall of the Travel yiwu Fair

Dress a new Tourism Commodities Fair main exhibition hall. Chinese Commercial News reporters Zhang Jian and Cheng She

WASHINGTON The 4th China International Tourism Commodity Fair opened today. Yesterday, the organizing committee held a news conference to introduce the basic situation of the exposition. Party members of the National Tourism Administration, Planning and Finance Secretary Wu literature Province Tourism Bureau Deputy Director Xu Peng, city leaders Zhi-Ping Huang, Ge GQ, etc. at the press conference.

Party Secretary Huang Zhiping Yiwu economic and social development in the participating media.

Wu literature at a press conference organized by the Travel Goods Fair historical and practical significance. He pointed out that the Tourist Commodities Fair in the national context of the transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry and structural adjustment, run the Travel Goods Fair to promote the integration of the tourism industry and national economic growth to accelerate the innovation of the tourism goods and so has a significant far-reaching significance. Current Tourism Commodities Fair, with a more specific theme, show stronger leading role in economic and trade is more effective, more professional, more vivid the international character of supporting activities are richer, better service and so on from home and abroad manufacturers, distributors and purchasing agreed to a worthwhile trip, and by revelation from.

Xu Peng preparations for the exposition. He pointed out that co-sponsored by the National Tourism Administration and the Zhejiang Provincial Government, Tourism Commodities Fair, co-hosted by the China Tourism Association, Tourism Bureau of Zhejiang Province and Yiwu Municipal Government as a grand gathering of the national tourism system, has become an important platform for tourist commodity exhibition and trade. Three consecutive successful staging increasingly shows the vitality, the strong development potential and endless charm of the market. The current Travel Goods Fair for four days, three fruitful results in the full extension brought forward on the basis of the activities will be further enriched, in addition to the exhibition transactions arranged a dozen supporting activities not only promote trade exhibition, but also enhance the The image of the exhibition.

It is reported that the current Tourism Commodity Fair "to lead the travel habits, share the quality of leisure" as the theme, prominent low-carbon, environmental protection, information technology, showing a specialization, a higher degree of market; international brand a higher degree; higher technology, new forms of content; economic and trade, the quality of service excellent four characteristics. A total of 2000 standard exhibition, the practical implementation of the booth 2099, Hall 5 of the Museum of the sub-themes, Zhejiang, jewelery and luxury goods shops, hotel supplies and outdoor leisure products, Museum, tourist souvenirs and tourist food museum. A total of 24 provinces spontaneously participate in the exhibition, there are 84 overseas exhibitors in 36 countries and regions. Expected to more than 90,000 people will trade visitors, including overseas visitors more than 8,000, more than 60 trade team.