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4th Tourism Commodities Fair turnover exceeded 30 billion

4th Tourism Commodities Fair turnover exceeded 30 billion

WASHINGTON "2.5 million yuan." "A little cheaper, 2 million yesterday at four o'clock, the International Expo Center Hall A1, although the radio kept playing" Dear exhibitors, this exhibition has ended. Please orderly withdrawal of the notice, but in the booth of Shenzhen Zhuo Mania still around over the crowd, exhibitors doing the last business. In the end, a price of 2.2 million transactions and nephrite.

According to the booth franchise of Hotan jade seeds Mr. Tu, the closing of the Travel Goods Fair, they also do two business revenue of nearly 4 million, and finally only reluctant to leave the show. From the organizing committee's statistics show that: the current Tourist Commodities Fair to further improve the size and quality of the participating companies, to further enhance trade and economic effectiveness of the Fair's total turnover reached 30.96 billion yuan, an increase of 0.6 percent over the previous, in which the foreign trade turnover amount of 1.056 billion yuan, accounting for 34.1%.

The data show that this year's Travel Goods Fair in the number of new highs. Participants audience of 135,832 people, an increase of 15.47% over the previous. 9216 foreign traders, an increase of 13.65 percent, the participating country and region 93, the top ten countries and regions were China, Taiwan, Sudan, Pakistan, the United States, South Korea, India, Russia, Japan, Iran, Iraq. Click on the number of online travel expo reached 183,000 people. Insiders said the rosy all the way "behind the numbers, reflecting the strong influence of Yiwu Tourism commodity markets.

According to the person in charge of the Travel Goods Fair Organizing Committee, to organize a delegation of enterprises from 24 provinces, mostly over the years exhibitors and good market-based enterprises, including Beijing accounted for 45 booths, Shanghai, Shaanxi, Shandong, The Jilin booths in more than 20. Like the Shin Kong Group, jewelry, jewelry Colorful Yunnan, Trek Bicycle, Zhejiang, China Eagle Group yachts, fly God Group Special Vehicles product of a large number of well-known enterprises, have gained significant sales.

At the same time, new formats, new technology, the new trend of products of this exhibition than welcomed by the buyers, such as the novelty of a beautiful home (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. home production of distinctive types of cabins, attracted a large number of buyers eye; Jiangsu Taizhou Baoshan handicraft factory R & D and production of automatic snow Christmas trees, has also been a lot of buyers of all ages.Undo edits