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2012 trip fun and good-looking Fair pavilion at a glance

2012 trip fun and good-looking Fair pavilion at a glance

May 25, the day of the 4th China International Tourism Commodities Fair open to the public, from the world's 36 countries and regions, 24 provinces and autonomous regions of exhibitors, buyers around the world, observers gathered in Yiwu International Expo Centre, The exhibition of more than 1,300 enterprises. Enterprise on behalf of professional exchanges, to Yiwu members of the public will for a grand display of scenery. Large wooden houses, yachts, RV and small around the characteristics of souvenirs, not home, the public will be able to enjoy an unprecedented visual feast.

It is reported that this year's Travel Fair as the theme to "lead the tourist fashion, share the quality of leisure, China Commodity City learned that this fair to take the market breeze. According to statistics, this year's Travel Fair by the number of market-oriented breeze booth 1387, 66.1 percent of the total number of booths, an increase of 14.1 percent over the previous.

2099 booths, a comprehensive display of all kinds of creativity and charm from the tourism industry in Shaoxing, pavilions, two actors are singing Shaoxing Opera "A Dream of Red Mansions" fragment, and the presence of guests and businessmen have stopped. China Yiwu trip Bo was to see many of the exhibitors to the local culture for signs, led the development of the local tourism industry.


Pavilion in Shaoxing, the two actors are singing Shaoxing Opera "A Dream of Red Mansions" fragment


The exhibition, jewelry exhibition crowded


Foreign travel expo point of view to depict Facebook


The current travel expo is to "lead the tourist fashion, share the quality of leisure

In C1 Museum, the exposition, the latest launch of the "wisdom of the Travel Technology Show is a highlight. C1 Museum wisdom tourism exhibition area, there is a small hall, panoramic aerial sightseeing experience hall makeshift. Here, you can experience the feeling of the air overlooking the Zhejiang scenery. Came into the room to sit down, and began the journey of the Tiantai Mountain. Sky, earth, and in front of mountains, water, panoramic view. Six minutes of the trip experience, as if sitting in a helicopter, along with its upper and lower flight, suddenly had the feeling of flying in the air. Sitting beside the audience can not help but sigh: previously went to the tourist attractions play, can experience 360 ​​degree views of the beauty of today, it feels good.

Also in C1 Museum, one for up to 10.64 meters of luxury cars, real for the audience to the interpretation of a luxury style. Touring Car from Yongkang Flying God Group Co., Ltd. This guide price of up to 8.8 million yuan, sales representative, Yang Li introduced this saloon cars imported from the United States, the country only this one, when it was exhibited at the Beijing Auto Show this year, had caused quite a stir. Into the car, dining room, bedroom, toilet readily available. If too small lounge area, living room, the sofa can also be extended out of the bus, RV space is more spacious. RV body is nano-materials, interior features a cherry, and the promise of luxury in the end.

Anhui Pavilion in Hall E1, Anhui paper-cut man You Caixia business in Yiwu, dressed in a cheongsam with a paper-cutting technique, a set of their own production and introduction to the past, visitors from their own paper-cut works, "a feather for sugar". Danxi Wine staff wearing Chinese clothing, said sing liquor scripts, unique clothing attracted many customers to the booth to check it out. Danxi Wine chairman Zhu Lanqin introduced, this produced a total of 15 sets of clothing, and interpretation by the staff of the local wine story, "This is not only to attract the audience, is another way to show culture.