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The report shows that last year the Yiwu private enterprises operating in good condition

The report shows that last year the Yiwu private enterprises operating in good condition

According to the latest release of the 2011 Yiwu private enterprise climate index report, the 2011 of Yiwu private business climate index is always maintained at a 110-point boom above, shows an operating condition and development trend of relatively strong and stable.
The report is jointly issued by the Yiwu Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Federation of development of private enterprises in Yiwu, and the School of Economics of Peking University. The report also shows that in 2011, the four quarters of the Yiwu private business climate index, respectively, to close at 111.59 points, 117.97 points, 133.19 points and 120.05 points, was the "inverted V-shaped trend. Enterprise Development Index, the same trend, the business confidence index is relatively less volatile.

Report analysis, 2011, in the face of the appreciation of the renminbi down export financing difficulties, rising labor costs, rising costs of raw materials and land-use complex and ever-changing external environment and the severe situation of the development of private enterprises in Yiwu take full advantage of commodity prices industrial agglomeration, international trade, a comprehensive reform of the advantages and opportunities, and strive to change the concept of operations, to actively adjust the marketing strategy, and in a timely manner to optimize the product structure, multi-channels to avoid the market risks of "dangerous" for the "machine", for Yiwu's economy continued to , rapid and healthy development has laid a solid foundation.

The report is expected in 2012 the private economy is still in a severe environment for the development, it is recommended Yiwu to improve financial services, adhere to proceed with industrial upgrading and industrial transfer, develop e-commerce, to encourage enterprises to innovate, enhance private enterprises quality, optimizing business business strategy, and other efforts to enhance the competitiveness and vitality of the private enterprises, further improve the atmosphere for the development of private economy and development environment, to maintain the Yiwu market prosperity and economic stability.

The Yiwu private enterprise climate index is a jointly prepared by the Yiwu Industrial and Commercial Bureau and the School of Economics, Peking University, released December 22, 2010 for the first time, as the base period to the second quarter of the year is divided into a business enterprise development, business confidence, four classification index of the market environment, the main interpretation of the Yiwu Industrial, commercial, e-commerce, three types of enterprises, ten pillar industries and printing, jewelry, handicrafts, clothing, socks, seamless underwear, zippers, toys, cosmetics, etc. the cost of production, sales, and confidence to carry out monitoring, depth analysis of the favorable factors of the development of private enterprises in Yiwu, the steady development of the challenges facing the development and how to promote private enterprise, and detailed to reflect the changes in trends and changes of the economy development of private enterprises in Yiwu area degree.

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