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Yiwu's first cross-border O2O Center opened its doors

Yiwu's first cross-border O2O Center opened its doors

In May 15th, Zhejiang Yiwu's first cross-border e-commerce O2O experience center "Yongxin freaky school" opened its doors. Scouring the sea workers can not only directly to the store to seeing real orders, can also through online payment scan code and wait for the courier door-to-door. The experience center mainly for imported goods supermarket, o2o cross-border direct purchase, around the catering services of the three formats, products cover from all over the world famous fresh cold chain, fruit, health products, alcohol, beverages, snack foods, daily chemical products, baby products, small household electrical appliances, activities of women, Japan and South Korea cosmetics, household chemical, light luxury goods, clothing, and other, there are nearly 20, 000 categories of goods for consumers to purchase.

Yiwu Market

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Yiwu Hotel

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