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Yiwu set up the Institute of Modern Logistics Development

Yiwu set up the Institute of Modern Logistics Development

Recently, jointly established by the the Yiwu Modern Logistics Development Leading Group Office of Yiwu Transportation Development Co., Ltd., Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College, Yiwu Modern Logistics Development Institute was established in Yiwu Creative Park.

    , Yiwu Modern Logistics Development Institute is committed to enhance the government, universities, inter-enterprise understanding and cooperation, to explore the establishment of the fine mechanism of the industry, academia and research cooperation to provide a strong scientific and technological support to expedite the implementation of the Yiwu logistics Heights Construction .

    Yiwu, vice mayor Chen Xiaozhong, accompanied by international and domestic trade, rapid growth, the development of logistics industry in Yiwu will usher in an unprecedented space and opportunities. The establishment of the Institute, marking the technology of the modern logistics industry of Yiwu will achieve a new leap.

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