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Import and export has been further optimized the basic balance

Import and export has been further optimized the basic balance

May 15, the Commerce Department's regular conference of the 1-4 months of 2012 related to our business running.

April import and export growth continued to fall. According to customs statistics, the first four months of this year, China's import and export value of $ 1.16718 trillion, an increase of 6% over the same period last year. Which exports $ 593.24 billion, an increase of 6.9%; imports 573.94 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 5.1%; the cumulative trade surplus was $ 19.3 billion.

Commerce Department spokesman Shen Danyang, said: "in the first three months of trade surplus accumulated only $ 660 million, accounting for the first quarter, imports and exports totaled $ 860 billion, less than one-thousandth, ten years during the same period trade surplus minimum, which indicates that the import and export tends to be the basic balance. "

Down the cause is still multi-factor mutual superimposition, is this year's foreign trade is relatively slow growth to continue. Reasons including shrinking external demand, domestic factor costs rise, and trade frictions have increased as a result of the slow growth of foreign trade and export factors still exist, we have also done some circumstances we are more concerned with foreign trade and export growth in April than in March and downward, Some analysts, in addition to factors other than just talking about, there are several special factors.

First, external demand in the doldrums. External demand situation is even lower than we expected, even worse, especially as China's largest trading partner of the EU demand for a serious decline. April alone, China's exports to the EU negative growth of 2%, because the EU is our largest export market, this decline to a negative impact on our overall export growth. It is also this year, we Chinese exports to the EU for four consecutive months fell.

Second, the price of the reasons. The impact of commodity prices in international market, our export commodity prices in April than in March declined.

Third, the factors of the holidays. The festive increased days to reduce also caused a certain impact.

However, the reasons for the decline of import growth is still a few months before to report that three major factors: First, domestic demand slowed down, the lower the growth of processing trade, commodity prices fall.

During the fair, accumulated to be buyers of nearly 21 million people from 213 countries and regions, representing an increase of 0.23%. The total export turnover of 36.03 billion U.S. dollars, chain, and year on year decline of 4.8% and 2.3% respectively. From customs statistics, import and export data and Canton transaction data, foreign trade situation is still grim.

"But overall export and import growth in April, or in the expected range, the overall situation is not optimistic, but not pessimistic. If the world economy does not deteriorate further, foreign demand is not a big reversal, we believe that the annual foreign trade growth may before the low in the stable, after "such a development trend, as long as the implementation of the policy of stable foreign trade growth and strive to do our work, we still have the confidence and hope to achieve full-year pre-development of foreign trade objectives." said Shen Danyang.

With regard to the concern of the foreign trade situation, Shen Danyang, analysts said, We are very pleased to see that this year's foreign trade structure adjustment continued to make significant progress.

In addition, due to great efforts to guide the processing trade of high-end industrial chain extension to the Midwest, although the proportion of the overall growth rate of the processing trade and national trade decreased, Henan, Sichuan, Chongqing, Guangxi, Jiangxi and western provinces the export of high-speed growth in the middle of exports was an increase of 23.6 percent in the first four months, the west was an increase of 39.9%. These are a very good sign. As for the mode of trade structure, trade, the main structure, trade conditions, in many cases reflect our transfer mode, adjust the structure of the indicators the trend of further optimization.

He is also expected: the coming months and even throughout the year every month, import and export balance online, certain fluctuations, the individual monthly surplus, individual monthly deficit, are normal. Experts This phenomenon is said to be dynamic of balance. "