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Trusted China Wholesalers

Trusted China Wholesalers

China has built its economy on exporting their products around the world. Almost 10 percent of the world’s manufactured products originate in China. The Chinese wholesale market is open to practically everyone in the world – whether you are a consumer, a small business owner or the owner of a global franchise. In today’s guide we shall look at how you can find trusted Chinese wholesalers.

Importance of Researching China Wholesalers
When purchasing from a wholesale in Chinese you are essentially doing a business deal – so you need to make sure that you are working with someone who is trusted and won’t jeopardize the reputation of your business.

Particularly when dealing with businesses that are overseas, you really need to do your research prior to any transactions taking place. Unless you are meeting with the owner or representative in person then it can be hard to judge the quality of the items you are purchasing from a photo or description.

One of the main fears that people have when considering purchasing wholesale products from China is that they will pay for items that they never receive – or they receive something different to what they expected. Obviously you will always run this risk no matter which country you purchase wholesale from – however good research can help eliminate this risk.

How to Research China Wholesalers
There are several ways to research trusted Chinese wholesalers. The first way is through recommendations and reviews. If you know of any friends or family members who have worked with a Chinese wholesaler before – then this should be your first step.

Next step is to do research on the internet. There are hundreds of websites that have reviews and discussions on trusted Chinese wholesalers. Join any of the popular wholesale forums and search for any specific Chinese wholesalers you have in mind – there will no doubt be a discussion on it – and you will quickly learn whether the general consensus is positive or negative.

If you are running a large business you may prefer to do your business transactions in person by traveling to China and meeting with the wholesalers themselves. This is a great way of finding a trusted China wholesaler as it will eliminate any risk of working with a ‘wholesaler’ that only exists on the internet.

Most large cities around the world often have exhibitions that wholesalers from around the world attend whereby you can meet with them in person without having to travel to China. This is a great place to find trusted Chinese wholesalers as they invest a lot of money to make the trip which generally suggests they run successful and trusted businesses back in China.


How to Minimize Risk when Purchasing from Chinese Wholesalers?
As we mentioned above, there are always risks involved in any business transactions – but there are ways to minimize the risks involved. Even when you have done your research and found what you believe to be a trusted Chinese wholesaler, there are still steps you can take to provide more of a safety net if anything were to go wrong.

Firstly, when paying for wholesale goods on the internet, always make sure you are using a trusted payment method such as PayPal. The payment method should be traceable – and preferably one that offers you insurance against fraudulent companies. Whichever payment method you use, most importantly it should be secure – particularly if you’re paying by credit card. Websites using a secure and encrypted payment method should have markings on its website to show it has been checked officially for safety and security.

Always read the wholesalers terms and conditions including their return policies, guarantees and warranties. Read them very carefully – as there may be loopholes that will disadvantage you later on down the line. If you have never traded with a particular Chinese wholesaler before – always make sure that they have a return or exchange policy in case you are not happy with your purchases.

You may also wish to request a sample of the product you want to buy wholesale – particularly if you are buying in bulk. Some Chinese wholesalers are happy to provide this, however others will charge you for it.

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