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China Wholesale Sunglasses

China Wholesale Sunglasses

Everyone likes to have a nice pair of sunglasses, so it is a great business to get into. A huge percentage of the world’s sunglasses are manufactured in China, and in today’s article we shall look at how you can benefit from buying wholesale sunglasses from China.


Why buy Wholesale Sunglasses from China?

There must be a reason why so many businesses purchase their wholesale sunglasses from China – and one of the main reasons is that it is the easiest way to maximize your profit margins.

China is the world’s largest manufacturing country and they specialize in mass production. By producing in bulk it minimizes their production costs as they don’t need to reset their machines or create new designs as often as when producing items in smaller quantities. Labor costs are also very low in China, minimizing their overall costs even more.

Shipping costs from China are also very affordable – and in many cases manufacturers offer free shipping when you purchase a certain amount of goods or on repeat orders.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Sunglasses in Bulk

The main benefit of buying sunglasses in bulk is that you will save more money the more you buy. Obviously not everyone wants to buy 10,000 sunglasses in one go – however you should always check how much cheaper they become per item when you buy more.

It can often work out to be not much more expensive to buy 500 sunglasses than 50 sunglasses – especially if they offer you free shipping on large orders.

Obviously, the cheaper you can get your wholesale sunglasses for, the larger your profits per pair that you sell. It also saves you having to make several orders over the year if you buy them in bulk at the start.


Quality of Wholesale Sunglasses from China?

The quality of products originating from China has been a matter of much discussion in the past couple of decades. However, the quality of manufactured items has undoubtedly improved in recent years.

Many major designer brands have their sunglasses manufactured in China alongside cheaper brands of sunglasses. There is huge variation in the quality of sunglasses in China – which is why it’s important that you research whatever products you buy prior to making a purchase. Wherever possible try to get a sample of the sunglasses so that you can assess the quality of your particular manufacturer.

Not all sunglasses wholesalers in China will offer you samples, so in this case you should try to put in a smaller order at the start before splashing out on thousands of sunglasses that you may end up not being able to use.

Who Can Buy Wholesale Sunglasses from China?

Most people think that wholesale purchases are reserved for business owners. While this may be a policy for some manufacturers, most are willing to sell wholesale items to anyone. The only negative to buying wholesale from China if you are not running a business is that you will usually have to buy several of the same items.

Despite this, it can often work out cheaper to buy 10 wholesale sunglasses directly from China than buying one pair at retail price in your home country.

Whether you are a consumer, small business owner or run a multinational chain store – then you are sure to benefit from purchasing wholesale sunglasses from China.

Using the Internet to Buy Wholesale Sunglasses from China

The easiest way to buy wholesale sunglasses from China is on the internet. Unfortunately not all of us are able to travel to China to meet with manufacturers in person, so the internet opens up a world of opportunity for the rest of us.

It is very simple to buy wholesale sunglasses from China online; in fact there are literally hundreds of websites through which you can buy sunglasses at low, wholesale prices. Fortunately the Chinese are very used to dealing with international customers so there websites are almost always available in English and they have English-speaking customer service agents to help you with your order and any questions that you may have.


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