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China Wholesale Shoes

China Wholesale Shoes

China should be on anyone’s’ mind who is considering purchasing shoes wholesale. Shoe manufacture has played an important role in China’s export led growth of the past two decades. The multi-step process that is involved in producing shoes is a very labor intensive one. Making large quantities of shoes requires large quantities of workers with the required skills. China’s main economic strength is the size of its labor pool.

Manufacturing industry skills are the most common in China and workers with the know how to make shoes are easy to find. This allows shoes to be produced a lot cheaper than in the U.S. While similar items such as clothing and hats enjoy significant cost savings as well, shoes made in China are even cheaper relative to their American counterparts because of the many parts of the final product. With a t-shirt or a pair of jeans, you are dealing for the most part with a homogeneous product made of one main material.

However a shoe is composed of many parts such as the heel, the body, and the laces. These different parts need to be made separately and the attached afterwards. This requires more time and skilled than making t-shirts or other clothing items. So Chinese shoes enjoy a substantial cost advantage over shoes American made and even more so with European made shoes. This price advantage offers an excellent opportunity for wholesale importers who are looking to buy goods from China.



Before moving ahead with your business plans importing shoes wholesale from China, it is essential that you first do the necessary research. You first want to get to know the demand side of the market. These will ultimately be the retailers who will be purchasing shoes from you. You should ask around and get to know as many of them as possible in order to form a network of point to distribute to. From them you will get a sense of what consumers are actively purchasing and what the retailers are looking to stock their shelves with.

Once you have decided on which styles of shoes you want to start trading in you can search over the internet for wholesalers in China. Look for players who have track records in the business and get high marks from other importers. You can contact the best of that bunch and see who would feel most comfortable doing business with. Also make sure their prices and terms of delivery are competitive and their products are the quality you are looking for.



The cheap labor and corresponding low cost of buying wholesale items from China is the main reason why you want to import your shoes from there.

Shoe manufacturing is a labor-intensive process and that lets manufacturers in China take advantage of China’s vast supply of cheap labor. Government policies that aim to keep the Chinese currency weak also makes exports attractive and stimulates demand for them.



As mentioned above you want to have retailers ready to accept your product when they first arrive from China. It can be expensive to fund large shipments and prudent importers cover their costs as soon as possible. Storage costs and other fees can quickly eat into profits if action is not taken quickly. After you finish selling you first shipment of shoes from China you should carefully analyze the entire process. Ask yourself questions regarding the profitability and efficiency of the whole process.

Frequently when you sit back and look at a process from afar you can spot ways to streamline the process and save money. Always keep an eye out for better deals on the import side and customers willing to pay more on the retail side. Ordering higher amounts of product can almost always get you a steeper discount and this is obviously something you want to consider if you are thinking about expanding. And lastly you should keep in touch with the shoe fashion in America to have an idea of what to look for when considering future orders of shoes from China.

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