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China Wholesale Marketplace

China Wholesale Marketplace

The wholesale marketplace in China has boomed – and has largely contributed to the huge growth of the country’s economy in the past decade or so. People around the world are taking advantage of the benefits of purchasing wholesale items from the Chinese marketplace. We shall look at this in more detail in today’s article.

The Chinese Economy

The Chinese economy has seen incredible growth over the past few decades and is rapidly developing into one of the world’s most influential market economies. China is currently the third largest economy after the USA and Japan.

In 2008 China exported over $1.43 trillion worth of goods around the world including $134.5 billion worth of data processing equipment, and $95.4 billion worth of clothing and apparel.

One of the most influential areas affecting the Chinese economy is their export market and their low manufacturing costs that attract customers throughout the world.


Why has the China Wholesale Marketplace been so successful?

The wholesale marketplace in China is one of the most successful in the world thanks to the low cost of their products.

China has some of the lowest labor and production costs of anywhere in the world meaning they can pass these savings onto their customers. They also specialize in mass production and have thousands of huge purpose built factories that churn out millions of products each and every day.

By creating products in bulk they save a lot of money on production costs. Millions of businesses around the world rely on the China wholesale marketplace to supply them with the products that they sell and use. Purchasing products from the wholesale marketplace in China means that businesses are getting the maximum profit margin from their products.

The Chinese are increasingly making their wholesale marketplace much more accessible to English –speaking customers with customer service representatives who are fluent in English as well as websites that are easy to understand and make it very simple to make a purchase.


How to Purchase Items from the China Wholesale Marketplace

As we mentioned before, purchasing items from the China wholesale marketplace has become increasingly easy – largely due to the growth of the internet as a platform for doing wholesale transactions.

A large number of people log onto wholesale marketplace websites in China where they can view the available products and make purchases as required.

Almost all the large wholesalers in China have their own website making it easy to do business with them.

Large wholesalers also often visit major cities around the world to take part in trade shows where potential customers can meet with different wholesalers to speak face to face and get a better idea of what their options are. If this is an available option to you it is very beneficial as it gives you peace of mind putting a face to the name.

It is advised that if you are purchasing items from the China wholesale marketplace that you always use a safe payment method that eliminates as much of the risk of fraud and other misdemeanors as possible. If you are purchasing online you should always try to use a safe payment method such as PayPal that insures your payment should anything go wrong.


B2b and B2c and the China Wholesale Marketplace

In recent years, B2B has significantly helped make transactions with the China wholesale marketplace much easier and personal.

B2b refers to business-to-business transactions between the wholesaler and the retailer or consumer (b2c).

B2b transactions are much more common than b2c transactions due to the supply chain where most consumers will purchase from a retailer not from a wholesaler.

Many wholesale marketplace websites in China use a b2b platform whereby potential and current customers can enter a secure network to view the prices of the products (prices are not available to random visitors to the website). You need to be a business owner to register with the website and be able to see the prices.

The websites also often have 24/7 real-time customer service whereby you can speak to a sales representative from the wholesale marketplace either through your microphone or via instant messaging making it easy to have any questions or queries answered immediately.

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