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China Wholesale Handbags

China Wholesale Handbags

China is emerging as leader in the area of global merchandise thanks to the expanding global trade and China’s manufacturing capacity. In fact, China being the chief supplier of wholesale merchandise is sure to soon become the world’s top Wholesale provider. Owing to all these factors, many consumers turn to China wholesale merchandise and goods for most of their needs. In particular, purchasing wholesale handbags from China is becoming increasingly popular among people.

The main reason why consumers prefer China wholesale handbags is the incredibly cheap prices for which the bags are available. Besides being inexpensive, the bags are also available in wide range of styles, colors and sizes. With many companies seeking the cyberspace to market these handbags, people also have have easy access to these products.

The wholesalers stock wide array of handbags that includes almost all types of handbags in varying ranges of design and sizes. One can get genuine designer handbags that includes top labels, such as, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Christian Dior, Ferragamo, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hermesd and Chloe, that come in variety of different styles.


The range includes backpacks, clutch bags, cosmetic bags, diaper bags, evening bags, Hobo bags, Messenger bags, Reusable bags, Satchel handbags, shoulder bags, Tote bags, shoulder/tote dual function bags, waist packs and various other kinds of bags. The bags are available in various materials that includes Pu leather, cow leather, canvas, Suede, patent leather, Fur, Cashmere, Jean, knitted fabric, and wool.

The wholesalers offer unimaginably affordable deals on all kinds of bags. The price of these wholesale bags differ from as low as $10 to $500 maximum. Many bags fall under $100 range; only a handful of bags cost more than $100 and go up to $500. These bags are directly purchased from the manufacturing factory and are hence available for unbelievably cheap rates.

Owing to the increasing popularity of China wholesale handbags, there are many impostors drifting through the China Wholesale Market trading in fakes and replicas of authentic labels. Investing in such replicas could mean wasting a lot of money on cheap material. There are ways to find out if the wholesaler is genuine or fake by considering various factors.


Basically genuine wholesalers get merchandise directly from the factory and such wholesalers do not have enough funds to market using the internet. So there are more chances you find companies selling replicas and cheap merchandise online in the name of China wholesale handbags. But that doesn’t mean all online companies are fake. There are genuine online companies that sell quality goods for reasonable prices.

This is why you should thoroughly research before picking any particular wholesaler; you have to read website content thoroughly, look for reviews in the company site and outside and try looking for negative criticism for the company in popular search engines, such as yahoo or google. Most of the impostors also require you to get a membership or charge you for doing business with them, apart from what you pay for the product.

One way to spot genuine companies is to look in paid wholesale directories. These directories have reliable consumer reviews on each company. Genuine wholesalers offer handbags that come with a minimum warranty of about a year. Also ensure that your payment method is secure. Do not get involved in business with companies that do not seem have reliable security policies. The companies also ship your goods free of cost in the most secure way possible.


In these times of recession and difficult financial times, China wholesale handbags is an amazing opening for the ladies to give their fashion craving a good treat of trendy bags. As appealing as the offer seems to be, there are apparent issues such as replicas, impostors and online scams. However if one takes time to do a little bit of research, it is possible to find genuine China wholesale handbags dealers.

This could be a gold mine considering the low prices for which you can buy fashionable bags that would otherwise cost you a fortune. The prices are so modest that you hardly pay a fraction of the actual price of the bag when you buy it from a shop.

Despite the drawbacks of impostors and replicas, China wholesale bags are continuing to be in demand by women everywhere and for sure, there is more scope for China wholesale bags in the future. The sale helps women bear the pressures of recession without having to sacrifice their style needs.

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