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China Wholesale Direct

China Wholesale Direct

Buying wholesale items direct from China can be a very profitable option for both consumers and business owners around the world. In this guide we shall look in more detail about purchasing wholesale direct from China.


China’s Wholesale Market Success

The Chinese economy has grown from being practically non-exist on a global scale to become the third largest market economy in the world after the USA and Japan.

China exports over $1.35 trillion worth of manufactured products every single year to countries all around the world.

In the past China was renowned for producing cheap, low-quality items. However thanks to their success they had the funds to build more high-tech and modern factories that have helped them to produce high quality items in mass quantities that have led to even more success for their wholesale market.

Another benefit of purchasing wholesale direct from China is the variety of products available. Whether you want everyday items such as cell phones, clothing and handbags or something more obscure like the latest useless gadgets then there will be a manufacturer in China where you can purchase these items direct from the wholesaler.


Who Can Purchase Wholesale Direct from China?

With the growth of the internet purchasing wholesale items direct from China has become much more accessible to both consumers and business owners.

In the past purchasing direct wholesale items was restricted to people who had strong business contacts and large amounts of money to burn on setting up the business. However these days the easy accessibility to Chinese wholesalers has meant budding entrepreneurs are able to purchase wholesale items direct from China simply via the internet.

A large number of people purchase wholesale items direct from China for resale on websites such as EBay. By using EBay they have access to a global market where they can sell their wholesale products on making a profit much larger than if they were to purchase the items directly from a local wholesaler.

Also because you don’t need always need to purchase direct wholesale items in large quantities it opens opportunities for consumers who just want to save money on goods. More and more consumers are realizing the benefits of purchasing wholesale direct from China. Often you can purchase several of one item wholesale direct from China for the same price of one in a retail store in your home country – particularly when it comes to electronic products.


Why is China so cheap to purchase Wholesale Direct from?

The main reason that people purchase wholesale direct from China over other countries in the world is because of the low cost of their products.

The reason they can offer their wholesale items so cheap when purchased direct is because of the low production costs. This is largely caused by low labor costs and the fact that they source the majority of their raw products locally.

China has hundreds of purpose built factories that are specifically designed to aid with low-cost mass production. The factories then sell their items in bulk quantities to businesses and consumers all around the world at the lowest possible price. If you wish to purchase small quantities of items direct from China you will not get the same great value as if you were to purchase in mass.

Labor costs however are going up each year meaning that the cost of importing wholesale items direct from China is going up. But for the time being China is still one of the cheapest places to buy wholesale items direct from.

Most of China’s wholesale factories are built close to easy transportation routes meaning that when someone purchases wholesale items direct from China the shipping costs are considerably lower than many other countries who export wholesale goods. A large number of the factories are situated in clusters close to ocean transportation such as the city of Beijing and the southern coast of China. By having all of the factories clustered in one area they can benefit from bulk shipping that also helps minimize their costs.

All of these factors mean that the cost of purchasing wholesale direct from China is at the lowest possible price.

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