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China Wholesale Cell Phones

China Wholesale Cell Phones

Wholesalers are vendors of products who sell items in large volume to other vendors. Buying items in large volume at once saves the buyer money on each item. For example, a wholesaler may offer to sell other vendors 100 cell phones at a reduced price instead of charging normal price for one cell phone at a time. Most consumers never deal directly with a wholesaler and instead go to a retailer as the middle man. The amount that the retailer sells the wholesale product for individually is known as the mark up.

China has become a global choice for retailers wanting the best price on China wholesale cell phones. Low production costs in China help keep wholesale prices low, allowing for retail businesses to markup the price of the item for even more profit.


When dealing with a wholesaler in China, it is important to make sure that both parties understand exactly what the other is trying to order. If you do not have anyone on staff who speaks Chinese, then ask the wholesaler if they have anyone on staff who can speak English. Being shipped the wrong items and having to return them will be far more expensive than not.

China wholesale cell phones are sold from all the major cell phone companies. Samsung, Nokia, LG, etc are all brands of cell phone which can be purchased from a Chinese wholesale distributor.

When the wholesale items are received, there are several ways to sell the items. Traditional store front shops are a very traditional way to sell the wholesale cell phones, but for a wider target pool, online transactions offer more possibility for greater sales.


Many manufacturers of China wholesale cell phones also offer drop shipping as a method of delivery. The way drop shipping works is it allows internet retailers of products to avoid having to carry stock or merchandise. When a customer makes an order online through the retail owner’s website, the order is sent with payment to the retail owner’s website.

The retail store owner then orders the same item from the wholesaler and includes payment for that item and directs the item to be delivered directly from the wholesaler to the customer. The packaging and labels used all display the information of the retail shop, so the customer never knows that the item shipped came from a wholesaler. The retail owner keeps the difference in money between the cost of the item to the wholesaler and the price of the item offered to the customer.

Owning an online retail shop can be very profitable if operated correctly. Not only can profits be made through the sale of the items being sold on the website, but the website also offers the opportunity for the retail shop owner to make extra money from advertising revenue. A website that requires customers to type in their email address can also be used to compile a list of former customers and design a targeted advertising campaign to turn former customers into returning customers.


When looking for a China wholesale cell phones company to do business with, remember to be weary of scams. A lot of scams exist on the internet selling lists of wholesalers to anyone willing to buy them. Those lists are just full of contact information of existing wholesalers. That information should not have to be paid for and is already available for free on the Internet. There are also companies and websites which claim to be valid wholesalers but who sell their products at retail prices. A retail site or store owner should not have to pay retail for wholesale goods.

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