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China Wholesale Beads

China Wholesale Beads

Consumers love to find new things for themselves, and a lot of them are avid buyers, who know good quality and follow trends in style and fashion all the time, in magazines, books, in the news and through the various types of electronic media, including television ads. They always want to stay on top of things and look chic, avant-guard and fashionable.

Today, many designers and manufacturers in the retail industry, look towards making items for these fashion-minded individuals and will use all types of accessories and tools in the market to add value to the products they manufacture and sell.

Buying beads is one of the most fun things to do for someone who is trying to create jewelry and add style to their product. Some beads also cost more than others. The raw materials used to make those beads are the most expensive part of making the jewelry, even if you are purchasing China Wholesale Beads.


The artist who created the beads by hand spent a lot of time and money on such things as glass, gold, silver, paint, materials and even on the polymers or plastics, that is why sometimes even China Wholesale Beads can cost bead wholesalers and distributors a lot of money to purchase those beads, who in turn will sell them to retail bead outlets, bead boutiques and individuals.

So what are some types of beads these wholesalers offer?

• Turquoise Beads and Semi-Precious Stone-Beads
• Coral Beads and Cultured Freshwater Pearls
• Wood, Acrylic, Plastic and Copper Beads
• Cubic Zirconia and Glass Beads
• Gold and Silver Plated Beads

Then there are also handmade beads which have geometric shapes, flowers and all sorts of painted designs on them, there are sequin-beads, beads with ribbons, and wooden beads with lace on them.

Cabochon shaped beads are also very popular which are like a half bead, where the top is like a rounded stone and where the bottom part is flat. This type of bead is used for rings, pendants, earrings and can be placed on artwork to decorate books, cards, handbags, belts, jeans, pants, shirts, skirts, shorts, shoes, jackets, sweaters and even beautiful evening and wedding gowns.


The retail store is the middleman and they buy their beads from the wholesaler or distributor in large quantities. That is why when you purchase beads, gemstones, wire and other related products for making jewelry from a bead supplier, you are paying a bit more for them than if you purchase directly from the distributor or wholesaler.

If you buy your beads from a wholesaler then you will not have to pay a sales tax on the beads, since it is understood that you will be eventually selling those beads as a finished jewelry item, and where you will be collecting the tax at the time you sell your item to a customer.

So where do most China Wholesale Bead companies get their beads from?

Most bead wholesale companies have a good relationship with bead distribution centers, bead suppliers and even sometimes with bead manufacturers. The wholesale bead company will make its profit when it marks up the beads just by a small margin and sells them to hundreds of different smaller bead stores.

Let’s find out how China Wholesale Bead companies sell their beads so much less than a retail store.


They don’t have a showroom or storefront, they don’t have a sales-force or overhead, such as lighting and a high rent. Oftentimes it’s just a huge warehouse with a lot of bead boxes and shelves with bead items and bead related articles.

Nowadays most china wholesale beads are sold online on interesting and colorful websites, instead of in a brick and mortar bead store. They also make a lot of money selling these beads. Imagine if they even only make 10 cents per bead, but are selling 10,000 beads in large quantities at a time, they will still make a decent profit at the end of the day.

On the other hand, a bead retail store will probably make 50 cents or a $1 more per bead, but the quantity they sell is very low.

Many internet bead suppliers advertise as wholesalers, and in order to be able to purchase from them wholesale, you will need to have a valid business license and resell number. One other thing to remember is that if you are serious about buying beads from wholesale distributors you need to be able to prove. that indeed you can purchase large quantities from them for resale.

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