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Buying and Selling China Wholesale

Buying and Selling China Wholesale

Many businesses both large and small rely on sourcing their product inventory from China. It has been common practice for many years, in fact many well known brands both manufacture and supply product lines from within China.

China has a thriving and competitive wholesale market, you can find all manner of items to buy at wholesale prices and then distribute/sell within your own online niche or store.

Of course it is not only items that you may casually browse on the shelves of stores in your local Walmart that you find in the Chinese Wholesale sector, you can also find wholesale office supplies, cars, plant machinery, building products and so many more product lines it would be difficult to find a product that is not sold at wholesale price in China.


Advantages & Disadvantages for Foreign Businesses/Retailers and Entrepreneurs When Buying from China Wholesale:
Without a doubt China has some of the most competitive wholesale industries on the planet. A mixture of economical factors, cheaper manufacturing costs, heavy investment in regional job creation, high product output and materials and the emerging industrial nature of the country, all add to the amazing ability to find well known or niche products at fantastically low prices.

This ability to find products at low prices at Chinese Wholesalers is the mainstay of many businesses around the world, a proud fact that not many countries can boast.

There are not too many disadvantages to buying products from China Wholesale companies, many of those disadvantages are easily avoided if you can think ahead or conduct some research into a company before you buy wholesale products.

Disadvantages and Solutions
Language Barrier – many companies in China do actually have English or foreign speaking representatives working within the company. What you have to realize is that a good company will be dealing with businesses all around the world, so will have adapted to suit their clients. You could alternatively employ a Chinese translator within your company, which will resolve any potential issues.

Distance – The only way you can deal with distance is to use reputable shipping methods, do a lot of your contact between companies online and speak over the telephone. If you have a large company and plenty of financial backing, a special visit to your wholesaler would be productive. Utilizing your visit as a product research expedition is worth the effort.

Currency and Billing – This is no longer a worry, most Chinese Wholesalers deal in foreign currencies, and accept payments via credit cards or electronic transfers of funds and many more including PayPal.

Delivery times – It can take time depending on your product or order, but to be fair some products need to be made to order so you will have to plan for this outcome. You can of course use your logistical methods, use the services of a reputable carrier or just use the delivery methods in place with the wholesaler.


Searching for the Right China Wholesale Online
Depending on your product line you could be up against some stiff competition, not from other companies in your particular field but the amount of Chinese Wholesalers competing for your business. You really should shop around to find the best deal, and make sure that the wholesaler has a reasonable minimum order and delivery system.

Always conduct a company search, you can find a lot of information online regarding new and old wholesalers in China. This reduces the possibility of falling for scams, which as with anywhere else in the world are a real risk.

How to Deal with China Wholesales Online and then Sell Those Items
The first port of call after finding the wholesaler of your choice is to make contact via email, this gives you more of an idea of factors such as language barriers, and you can get the feel for possible scams. A telephone call is also advisable but not always necessary if the wholesaler’s credentials check out.

Try and get some product samples – these can either be offered at a reduced price or even free, where you might just be responsible for shipping costs. This is another great way of figuring out if a company is real or not.

Obviously you can’t ask for samples if you are dealing with large and expensive items, so a route to the wholesaler could be via an agent or your businesses financial advisors.

Selling your items is then where your resources come in once you receive your order, try and stay competitive to avoid price wars or unfair business practices. So researching prices for your product niche is another worthwhile task.


Avoid Scams and Fake Products
There is no easy answer to the avoidance of fake products and scams, the best laid plans are in researching the company you plan to deal with. There are many related searches online with respect to fakes and scams so take the time to look at them, it could be worth thousands in finances to you so a few days research is a great investment.

Try to make your first order a bare minimum, basically plan well ahead of any planned sales. To conclude, if an offer looks ‘too good to be true, then it usually is’ to coin a phrase then just move along and avoid the wholesaler all together.

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