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Hongkong Book Fair

Hongkong Book Fair

About Hongkong Book Fair

The Hong Kong Book Fair  is a book fair organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council,held annually (usually in the middle of July) at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center,selling and exhibiting books,printed matter,stationery,printing,compact discs and other multimedia publishing.

The annual exhibition at the City Hall organised by the Hong Kong Publishing Federation could be regarded as the predecessor of the Hong Kong Book Fair. The First Hong Kong Book Fair was held in 1990 and this year is its 20th year. The Fair has become an annual major event in Hong Kong with the number of visitors reaching new high every year. The organiser, the HKTDC, has always been striving to promote local reading culture. Apart from extensively inviting the public to the Fair to visit and buy books, it also spares no effort in organising diversified cultural activities during the Book Fair period with a view to enhance the contents and quality of the Fair.

During the past 20 years the number of exhibitors has grown from 149 to 504 in 2009, with corresponding growth of attendance from 200,000 to 900,000 in 2009. The Fair has developed from a mere promotion platform for the industry to an annual territory-wide major reading and cultural event for the public of Hong Kong.

As Hong Kong's unique background, the publisher of the three places at the same time exhibiting, in addition, some countries from Southeast Asia and other publishers participating. 1997, the Book Fair will be held on "International Copyright Trade Fair"and"Printing Services Exhibition. " However, the Suizhu Book Fair focus on the retail component gradually, copyright trade has rarely carried out at the Book Fair and Book Fair not specially designed for the industry time to visit.


Hongkong Book Fair

   Date:  2017.7.18-7.24 Venue:  Hongkong exhibition hall