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Guangzhou's main airport is the Baiyun International Airport in Huadu District opened on August 5, 2004. This airport is also the 2nd busiest airport in terms of traffic movements in China. It replaced the old Baiyun International Airport, which was very close to the city centre and failed to meet the fast-growing air traffic demand. More...

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Yiwu Railway Guangzhou now has the JingGuang railway ( Beijing -Guangzhou), the GuangShen railway (Guangzhou- Shenzhen ), the GuangMao railway (Guangzhou-Maoming) and the GuangMeiShan railway (Guangzhou-Meizhou-Shantou). In late 2009, the Wuhan–Guangzhou High-Speed Railway started its service, which enables Multiple unit to cover 610 miles at an average speed of 194 mph. More...

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downtown traffic There is a developed highway system in Guangzhou. Guang-Fo(Guangzhou-Foshan) Highway and Guang-Hua Highway were put into use in succession. Now, there are about 20 big long-distance bus stations in Guangzhou including the major ones of the Provincial Bus Station, Fangcun Bus Station, Guangzhou Passenger Transport Center, Tianhe Bus Station and Yuexiu South Bus Station, offering plenty of coaches to different cities and counties in and out of Guangdong Province. More...

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The physical aspect of transportation is well developed in Guangzhou - including an extensive network of bus lines, a booming metro system (its network and equipment might be the best on Chinese mainland), and well developed expressways, including city rings, and viaducts, for the ever-increasing numbers of cars. More...
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