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Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center

Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center

Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center was invested and managed by Guangzhou Dong Tai Jun Cheng Industry Development Co., LTD. It locates at the heart of the traditional central axis of Guangzhou. In the south, there are two five-star hotels, the China Hotel and the Dong Fang Hotel. With an airport Express Line, a railway station, bus stops and 2 entrances to Guangzhou Subway Line 2 which links the southern and northern parts of the city, it's very convenient for accommodation and transportation.

The Exhibition Center consists of three exhibition halls covering an area of 25,000㎡in total. Hall Number 2, the main exhibition hall, is in a new 3-story building with a light steel structure. With the exhibition area of 23,000㎡, it has a capacity of holding 900 standard booths. The new hall is 8 meters high and equipped with mature considerations for the flow of individuals and goods. It was collocated with 8 entrances, 2 automatic escalators, 3 elevators and 8 walking staircases. There are multi-functional conference halls, business center, coffee shop, catering service for Chinese and western food, resting place and so on. In addition, there are sufficient superior ventilation, electricity and water facilities indoors and a parking lot with 200 parking spaces outdoors. The layout of the exhibition center is simple, spacious shape and with completed facilities. Since it was put into use in October 2002,It holds 50 exhibitions every year and keeps on its charm and advantages in attracting more exhibitions.

Guangzhou is the center of politics, economic, culture and communication in the southern China. It is one of the three biggest exhibition cities in China. Striding energetically forward as an international exhibition city with commercial assembling and radiating ability, and wide marketing prospect, it is an ideal place for all types of exhibitions. Jinhan Exhibition Center aims to provide superior service to exhibition, promote trade and economics with its superior geographic location, excellent facilities, professional service, as well as multiform cooperation with excellence exhibition organizations from home and abroad. 

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