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Chinese main commercial city

Chinese main commercial city

The Fortune magazine (Chinese Edition) conducted a survey on the top 10 commercial cities in Chinese mainland at the end of last year. The survey showed that Shanghai , Beijing , Shenzhen , Suzhou and Guangzhou were ranked the top five cities, which are located at the Yangtze Delta, the Pearl River Delta and Bohai Sea Economic rim respectively and represents China's dynamic economy. The top 10 also included Hangzhou and Ningbo in east Chin's Zhejiang province with the most developed non governmental economy and Dalian in northeast China, Qingdao in Bohai bay area and Chengdu, capital of southwest China's Sichuan province.

According to experts, the advantageous factors such as the geographical environment, governmental efficacy, talents and capital contributed to Shanghai 's overall competitiveness. Depending on the advantages involving political status, talents and science and technology, Beijing has lured numerous transnational head offices. However, the commercial stress laid on by Shenzhen , Guangzhou and Ningbo , the environmental advantages enjoyed by Hangzhou , Qingdao and Dalian, and the success of export-oriented economy adopted by Suzhou make the top 10 cities become colorful stars in the stage of China's economy.

Of course, the weak points of the top 10 commercial cities cannot be ignored. There are still many factors that hamper the future economic development in China, for instance, Shanghai state-owned enterprises' (SOEs) lack of competitiveness with shortage of pioneering spirit, Beijing 's weakness in city management, the unsound educational system in Shenzhen , the imperfect urban environment in Guangzhou and the slow growth of SOEs in Suzhou .

According to the survey, the top 10 cities enjoy the following commercial advantages:

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