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Yiwu created a Declaration on China market economy

Yiwu created a Declaration on China market economy

"Yiwu, China's market economy to create a declaration, which is the occupation of the market, developing a market economy textbook." August 23, Provincial Secretary Zheng Yumin said, branding, high-end, international has put a very realistic In front of Yiwu. He said that the provincial Trade and Industry will actively participate and practice, dedicated service, good care, so Yiwu, a new type of production, trade, life, mode of development of a first demonstration area.

Stick to the local territory, or open

yiwu international trade as the world's only comprehensive reform pilot area is important to enhance the level or increase the level of importance? Important or important decentralization of emancipating the mind? Stick to the important thing is to open up the local territory important? Zheng Yumin that from the external point of view, it is important to enhance the level of hierarchy, from the inside in terms of enhancing their own level and quality is more important; from the higher terms, decentralization of Yiwu is very important in terms of the level from Yiwu, emancipate the mind more important; from now on, from the historical experience is concerned, stick to the local community is important, but from the development, never in terms of opening up the territory is more important.

Zheng Yumin said that the future development of positioning must be clear, so as to find a focus point and foothold. If the idea is not liberation level is not increased, market, open up the territory of orientation is not clear, it is difficult to achieve successful reform.

Three Character Classic sending policy: power, money, name

Zheng Yumin said Provincial Industry and Commerce, Yiwu customized supporting policies for the final analysis, three words: power, money, name. He hoped that this policy has gold content, there is encouraging and promoting the role of the essay.

Zheng Yumin that the "right" is the authority, decentralization, and expand their power. Decentralization of authority is based on the actual situation to Yiwu, the provincial-level business delegation of authority to Yiwu, Yiwu enjoys provincial level so that power; had to go to Beijing to do things in the provincial office, the original should be subject to the provincial office of his office, Yiwu; expansion of the right that some do not clear, unclear matter, the right to Yiwu to expand a pilot, such as foreign individuals, in Yiwu has more than 10,000 people, if not the first pilot, there is no breakthrough in the future and improve relevant policies .

On the "money", Zheng Yumin said with a smile the business sector is not a bank, no money, but you can try to change money, "count capital, cash money, raw new money." Such as registration, as long as you have intellectual property rights, trademarks, etc., can be brought to Yiwu, the registration does not require out of cash, 70% of the non-monetary assets can be used as registered capital, which is the first time in the country. In addition, you can also intellectual property rights, trademark rights or other equity as collateral, cash money. If your hands have 10 million yuan shares, to open a pledge that the business sector, but also took the 10 million yuan to use, and the ten million into 20 million "dead" money becomes "live" money. He encouraged property Yiwu trading platform to build a "life new money."

"Name" then what is it? Zheng Yumin explained that the business sector will Yiwu together to create a "name", that is, international credit market, national market research and development center in support of the "China Commodity City" Application identified as the well-known trademarks.

Reform lies in "international" should be

Zheng Yumin said that the outside world to create the conditions for the reform, while Yiwu, Yiwu have to work hard to create their own internal reform momentum.

Zheng Yumin view is, Yiwu must adhere to the "feather-sugar" spirit, but can not keep, "feather-sugar" grade. "Feather-for-Sugar" is a spirit, is a historical portrayal of the spirit to uphold the development mode has to change, must not take the low end of the road. Yiwu Market players are 156,000, of which there are 136,000 self-employed, indicating the level of market players is not high. Yiwu group of companies is only 97, if it is 970, 9700, that is what will be a model of development?

Yiwu to adhere to regional economic advantages, but can not stick to the regional economy defects. Any place in the national integration, the trend of globalization, if you still insist on the regional economy, the trend of integration will be eliminated. Yiwu to a more broad perspective, the formation of the regional economy to the global economy, national integration, economic transition of the environment as well. Yiwu International Trade in the core of the comprehensive reform of "international" word, the future vitality of the degree of internationalization.

Yiwu must also adhere to the front of the market economy, but also the opposite of the market economy can not be ignored. Market economy is half angel and half devil, to enhance the positive half of the market economy, relying on the commercial civilization, and civilization is the content of commercial integrity. So Yiwu commercial prosperity and business must raise the banner of civilization on both sides.

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