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Yiwu Christmas Gifts Blooming in Domestic Market

Yiwu Christmas Gifts Blooming in Domestic Market

At present, the number of foreign purchasers in Yiwu Christmas Gifts is decreasing but it is still crowded in the gifts selling district which means the market enters a blooming season with a gradually turning in to better situation of domestic market.

    Since the beginning of October, yiwu Christmas gifts market change the export trade into domestic market. As the becoming of Christmas consuming phenomenon in recent days, the whole selling season of Christmas gifts is prolonged and the whole industry peak season can lasts to December. It is predicted that over half month, the first level Christmas gifts retailer, procuring managements from domestic high graded hotels and restaurants will come to yiwu market and the future next two months will be the most furnishing season for Christmas gifts procurement.

   As the integrated beneficial results becoming more obvious in Yiwu market, the domestic gifts producers valued yiwu Christmas gifts market and crowded to the market all together. As the market reports, 2 of 3 the Christmas gifts enterprises in the country set a factory or established the factory outlets in yiwu. It is obviously that yiwu has become the world biggest business platform for Christmas gifts.

    In the Christmas shops, except the traditional Christmas gifts such as pompon, color lights, pendant, rings, Santa Claus costumes and toys, there are also some novel snowing Santa Claus, crystal Christmas tree and high technical Christmas toys. Because of the variety of yiwu Christmas gifts, more and more would like to come to Yiwu for purchase.

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