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Third Phase Market Warms Up Yiwu Hat Industry

Third Phase Market Warms Up Yiwu Hat Industry

Since the pre-opening of Yiwu International Trade Mart third phase on 18th October, the market meets the streamed oversea purchasers which cherishes up the new booth owners in the third phase which also spurs the Yiwu hat industry.

    Yiwu Hat Industry started by retail agent in the end of 80s last century and grew up with Yiwu China Commodities City. With the backing of Yiwu market’s development and lasting prosperity, yiwu hat industry also gained a sustained development. The famous enterprise from Wenling, Taizhou, Ningbo and other provinces set up their trade offices into yiwu market and share the business sources. Especially since the strategy of “Export & Industry United” carried out by yiwu government, most of the export-oriented companies in hat industry changed themselves to industrial production enterprises. At present, there are a total of 695 hat suppliers and more than 200 hat produced enterprises in hat industry with more than 200 billion yuan turnover per year which occupied 20 percents of the nationwide trade volume and the export trade volume arrives as high as 80 percents.

    For recent years, as the expansion of Yiwu business marketing, yiwu hat industry productions are sold to every corner all over the world which also spurs the rapid development of hat industry. However, the hat industrial enterprises are still in a based developing stage in the aspects of enterprises size and products grade and also in an immature industrial chain. 

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