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Red lantern are hot sailed in yiwu market

Red lantern are hot sailed in yiwu market

  In Dec,7 , according to businessman in yiwu market,red lantern gift are hot sailed in yiwu market recently.


  Red lantern seller ,Mr jiang said that red lantern business has became improved , and was set up to a good leavel.In his half part of selling room, more than 10 kinds of red lantern were displayed.Each of them prized 30Rmb.Mr jiang said , goods were order which are worth more than 20.000 rmb.


  Yiwu market not only sells fabric lantern, but aslo paper lantern.A women who do lantern business for 10 years said ,last two month ,export is main.Large number of lantern were exported to these place like Singapore , Malaysia where chinese speaking people live in .


 Learning from the business man in yiwu , the export trade of lantern in yiwu will qiuckly end ,and The main trade opportunity in local has come.The trade will go on until  festival of lanterns coming in next year.

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