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More than 160 thousand people come during yiwu market open in 2009

More than 160 thousand people come during yiwu market open in 2009

Journalist found  that at the entrance, parking lots filled with parked vehicles, some of the operating switch from the beginning of 8:00 am has been kept busy to answer the phone, accept orders, and some to the store customers. Operated carpet business Miss Fan told reporters that one morning had made 500,000 orders for turnover, 400,000 loans have been recovered.

It is understood that the 2008 Yiwu International Commodities City, the economic situation at home or abroad overcome the unfavorable factors to the impact of structural adjustment by accelerating the pace of expansion in emerging export markets and domestic and other measures, the market overall smooth running throughout the year to achieve a total turnover of 38.2 billion, an increase of 9.6%. Yiwu index and influence has been expanded, Yiwu price information R & D success, the United Nations agencies, international trade centers in Dubai and other important information of concern.

Yiwu International Trade City chairman told reporters that although the financial crisis in 2008 caused some part of Yiwu, but small businesses have confidence . "Confidence important than gold, we have taken certain measures to danger in the concept of organic businesses are told, to guide them to adjust the structure."

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