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Latest collection of popular products in Yiwu market

Latest collection of popular products in Yiwu market

As the weather is turning to cool and autumn is coming, there are new favorite products in Yiwu market. Onccc has made a latest collection of popular products as follows.

    Popular product I: bra and underwear. Men’s underwear, seamless underwear, thermal underwear, etc, is having hot sale recently, remaining high price in market. New products of men’s underwear now are mainly in leisure style, which boast simple design and comfortable feeling. Women’s underwear is mainly featuring in figure-shape function, with bright colors and various styles.


     Popular product II: bedding products. Quilts are hot in sale, among which silk quilt and 9-hole quilt remain promising in future sale.

    Popular product III: beauty & hair care products. Hair-dyeing and perm products behave well with great season characteristics, and is hot both in retailing and wholesale.

    Popular product IV: slippers. As winter is coming soon, various winter plush slippers are well-received in Yiwu market. 

    Popular product V: umbrellas. Oiled paper umbrellas and flower-painted umbrellas are sold well in domestic sale recently. As more couples choose to get married in the latter half of the year, red silk umbrellas seem promising in future sale.

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