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Cheap Christmas Tree Sells Well in 08 Yiwu Market

Cheap Christmas Tree Sells Well in 08 Yiwu Market

The steady economy growth in American between 2002 to 2007 year makes lots of American purchasers come to Yiwu for Christmas gifts procurement which spurs the rapid development of Yiwu Christmas gifts industry. However, influenced by the 2008 global economy, the business decreasing in a low level for Yiwu Christmas gifts market, acquired from the market, the cheap Christmas tree sells better in Yiwu Christmas gifts market.

    The October is the deadline for Christmas gifts procurement, but there are still some foreign purchasers come to the market for purchasing Christmas trees and toys. According to the management in the market, the cheap Christmas trees are better favored by the foreign purchasers.

    We meet Paulina in front of the Christmas gifts booth where she check the goods she ordered , the Brazil purchaser said that she should be here at the early time but the Brazil economy faces the same problems and the steep falling stock market make the Brazil people thriftier in the festival expense. Both of her business partners are worrying about the continued deterioration of economy situation will effects their business. Anyway, they still come here for a purchase and stick to the business. 

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