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yiwu group made a success in guangzhou shengzhen

yiwu group made a success in guangzhou shengzhen

Yiwu merchants so that was surprising to find that, Yiwu Small Commodity also attracted Shaodong Zhuhai in Guangdong and Hunan, the purchasing groups. The morning of August 14, more than 250 from Zhuhai and shaodong influx of buyers at the same time display area, immediately look like to join the discussion, a number of cooperation in an atmosphere of excitement reached.

Household supplies business Yiwu style hi-fu Wang said: "The good effects of trade link, I longgang market with two distributors, Zhuhai has become a four procurement to discuss cooperation." His skateboard samples brought by customers disappeared, but also received part of the contract order. Shaodong a customer information to obtain products that will re-list telephone orders. Trade docking, the business value of households Ye Ngan Chau yuan sample of middle and low socks, Longgang market and Zhuhai were several sub-buyers, and customers with more than ordering the agreement of intent signed. Ye Ngan Chau said: "The local dealer in the butt after I have put forward proxy requests, and ultimately identify a partner next month to Yiwu field."

According to staff, Yiwu to Shenzhen's business households in the sample, about 80% of local buyers to buy to test. Butt talk shows, in Shenzhen, compare middle and low-selling products, the demand for more.

To participate in trade of Yiwu docking operation of households said the main purpose of this trip is to promote their products and understand the local market, to get to know more cooperation, the result was quite good.

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