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Yiwu Furniture Market opens to greet Yiwu Fair

Yiwu Furniture Market opens to greet Yiwu Fair

Yiwu Furniture Market,covering a total area of 80 mu(about 13.2 acres)and a building area of 160 thousand square meters,will officially open to the public on the first day of Yiwu Fair,which is presently the largest single furniture market at the highest level and with the best environment and most complete facilities in Zhejiang Province . Currently,the business layout of the market is like this: Basement 1 sells household and office furniture at fair prices;Floor 1 sells soft beds,sofas,rattan decorations and metal glass furniture and owns an area providing supporting services; Floor 2 sells furniture in modern styles as well as furniture suites for children; Floor 3 sells padauk furniture,solid wood furniture
and European antique furniture; Floor 4 sells furniture of top quality; and Floor 5is a combination of a business area,an area of room accessories and some companies engaging in fabric and decor-ation designs . Besides,there is a super large parking lot in Basement 2 . During Yiwu Fair,many activities will be held in Yiwu Furniture Market, including"Furniture History Expo", "Appreciation of Furniture Arts"and "Exhibition of Furniture Brand Culture".

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