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Yiwu enterprises to actively prepare for Canton Fair

Yiwu enterprises to actively prepare for Canton Fair

The 107th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) an exhibition will be held April 15 opened in Guangzhou. Yesterday, reporter learned from yiwu city Foreign Trade Bureau, participated in the fair in yiwu enterprises have 79 more than the previous increase of 6; total number of 161 booths, an increase over the previous 6 months, of which there are 34 brand Booth months, compared with the previous increase of 8.
It is understood that 79 participating companies, to participate in the first two exhibitions, namely, four Tools Co., Ltd, zhejiang, Yiwu Generating Equipment Co., Ltd.; to participate in the second exhibition of 26 companies, a total of 45 booths; to participate in the third phase of the show, 62 companies, a total of 110 booths.
Compared to previous Canton Fair, yiwu trade fair">yiwu trade fair exhibitors there is a substantial increase in the brand booths. According to reports, the brand stands for enterprises by the Ministry of Commerce carried out one by one evaluation of the application materials, can be given after the adoption booth. During the fair, Yiwu brand booth exhibitors increased 8 shows that enterprises in brand promotion quite success. Among them, Mengna, and Wang Bin Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. is a new brand of business.
In addition, this year's trade Yiwu enterprises "two hit" (Innovation and Excellence) Booth Number 10, assigned to Hill & Knowlton Holdings, rod-kit clothing companies such as 6, of which love wool to get the "two hit" Stand up, there are three.

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