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2017 Canton Fair

2017 Canton Fair

2017 Canton Fair will be held in April 15th. Fair spokesman declares that it’s expected that the number of buyers will continue to increase and this year's scale of exhibitors will also expand.
In a press conference held on the 14th, the Canton Fair spokesman Chen Chaoren said: "This exhibition shows that China's foreign trade situation is improving, this year will get better export performance, which will boost the Chinese economy.” 2017 Canton Fair will be held in three phases as usual. The phase 1 exhibits machinery and electronic products; the phase 2 exhibits consumer goods, gifts and home accessories; the phase 3 exhibits textiles and clothing, medical care, food and stationery. This year, there will be 60,000+ standard booths, and the total exhibition area is 1.13 million square meters.
Among them, the number of export booths reaches over 50000 with a total exhibition area of 1.115 million square meters. There are total 24,553 enterprises coming to the fair from home and abroad The Canton Fair will continue to facilitate export enterprises to explore the domestic market and broaden the sourcing channels for enterprises engaging in domestic trade in an appropriately adjusted manner. Instead of setting up the Domestic sourcing center, we will continue to put special signs on the stands of those exporting enterprises that are willing to sell products in domestic market so that domestic trading enterprises can come for on-site negotiations. Qualified domestic buyers can also have access to these exhibitors.

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