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Canton Fair booth is “popular”

Canton Fair booth is “popular”

The reporter learns from the municipality that as the global economy grows up, the situation of Yiwu's exports continue to improve. There are only 161 booths for applications while the number of application reaches up to 316.

The 2017 Canton Fair will be held on April 15 - May 5. It is understood that, compared with 2016, the number of exhibitors from Yiwu add by 7 in 2017,which involved in industries like apparel & accessories, underwear, stationery, bags, household items, toys, personal care, etc. Among which textiles and clothing industry account for the most.

Relevant responsible person said that this year, Yiwu enterprises have much more enthusiasm towards the 2017 Canton Fair, because the global economy has become more and more clear. For many Yiwu enterprises, especially for small and medium enterprises, it’s a great chance to "go out" and get rid of the negative impact of financial crisis. At the same time, the Canton Fair will continue to implement the domestic and foreign trade docking, but will change the form that purchasers take the initiative to negotiate to the booths they are interested in. Yiwu exhibitors have said that this form will get them more confidence in the Canton Fair.

It is understood that the continuous improvement of the situation in the export case make many enterprises want to seize this opportunity to expand domestic and foreign markets.