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Beautiful and Grace Yiwu Fair Surprises people

Beautiful and Grace Yiwu Fair Surprises people

On 17th October, workers in the Yiwu Meihu Exhibition Center are busy in preparation of every exhibit booth. In the NO 5 hall, we find that almost all the booths has new arrangements, no matter the new frames or the eye-catching bright patterns and words, all these elegant design and beautiful appearance surprise the people.

    There are 4500 booths with 100 thousand square meters and 2500 enterprises in the 2008 Yiwu Fair. As we known that there are 9 exhibit districts divided by the exhibition industry in this fair. At the same time, International Commodities Pavilion will be open in NO.5 hall.

    According to the management Yu, the international commodities pavilion consists of 22 countries such as Italy, South Korea, Japan, French, British, Brazil, Spain, Russia and other 27 domestic enterprises with their products with 45 exhibit booths and 1000 square meters area. The design and arrangement of International Commodities Pavilion emphasize the exotic feeling and requires a novel design. The most special design is the original country of the products in the booth fascia board which aims to highlight the country logo to show the most country character and enterprise features of these exhibitors.

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